This week HackerPen released two major features: in-session chat that makes the session experience more robust; and schedule visibility feature that allows interviewers to control their schedule in a better way.

In-session chat

In any HackerPen session, users now can reliably chat with one another. This allows users to still connect with each other when the connection is not stable, hence providing a better experience.

in-session chat

Schedule visibility

Interviewers can choose whether to make their schedules public. If the schedule is set to private, then they won’t be discovered through the “get interviewed” section, and only people with their schedule link can book interviews.



Hello there! Thanks for tuning into another update on HackerPen! HackerPen has released a much-improved flow of selecting questions during the past week. Additionally, we have integrated our feedback flow with Github 🎉

better question selection

Now you can select questions from a table view, you can also search to target what you want to select.

import question from bank

You can also create your own question so that you can interview others with a question you are familiar with 🙂



This week HackerPen went live with its first-ever major feature with open source collaboration — coding question bank integration!

Thanks to the community’s contribution to our open-sourced tech interview question bank, users now can have mock interviews with a variety of questions!

Schedule interview with question preference

When users schedule a new interview, they can select what type of questions they prefer. The system will automatically choose a question that fits users’ preferences.

ask question preference when scheduling an interview

Pick a new question during a session

When users are in a mock interview session, if the question doesn’t fit the users’ needs, they can adjust the question by shuffling a new question into the interview.