Product release: react-channel and adding Kotlin

1 min readApr 5, 2022


This week HackerPen is undergoing major refactoring in using WebRTC and WebSockets. Additionally, HackerPen starts supporting Kotlin as a programming language.

refactor real-time connection

Real-time update plays a key role in HackerPen’s collaborative nature. After 3 months of being in business and receiving a ton of feedback, we are incorporating what we’ve learned and aim to make the real-time connection more stable.

In the future, we are also aiming to make our real-time technology open-source, and this refactor makes a major step towards that.

support Kotlin

We added Kotlin as a new language that HackerPen supports. It’s currently in beta and we will actively iterate on making the platform stable.

Hello Kotlin!

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