Product release: reviews & codepad split view

2 min readJan 23, 2022

HackerPen is a platform to give and receive mock interviews. The purpose of this product is to empower people to help each other to land their dream tech jobs.

One major feature and one minor feature were released this week:

  • Majorinterview reviews
  • Minorcodepad split view

interview reviews

Reviews are key components of a mock interview feedback loop, now that users can reflect and give each other written feedback right after the interview (i.e. one hour after interview start time).

write a review
see your review

A scheduled email reminder will be sent to users to fill out the feedback form.

review reminder

Users will get notifications when a new review is submitted

a review was submitted

If the other person in the interview didn’t show up, users can report the interview as absent.

mark an interview as absent
absent review

Codepad split view

Based on user feedback, to make functionality clear, HackerPen updated its codepad to have a separated question and console portion of the view.

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