Product release: system design question bank

2 min readFeb 22, 2022


Happy 2.22.2022 everyone (lots of 2s) 😃. For the past week, HackerPen has focused on integrating questions seamlessly into mock interviews. I’m excited to say that we made tremendous progress.

The past week we added:

  • system design question bank
  • solution support for both coding and system design questions
  • movable video window
  • a growing number of open-source tech interview questions

system design question bank

The drawpad now can directly load a question from our open-source question bank. Users now can further leverage the whiteboard to practice system design questions!

load a system design question

movable video window

Based on community feedback, HackerPen further enhanced our codepad experience by making the video portion movable, and console view resizable.

everything is moving!

question solutions

HackerPen also added a section so users can opt-in and see solutions for the question being asked. This can help people interview each other when an interviewer doesn’t have enough context to guide an interviewee, or an interviewee gets stuck on the question and wants to view the solution.

if stuck, see solutions!

update on question bank

Thanks to our community contribution to the tech-interview-questions, HackerPen now has more than 25 coding questions and 7 system design questions. The numbers are growing!

If you would like to contribute or use the repository to study, check out the Github repo.

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